About Us

FuelsForThought is a non-profit, non-governmental, and largely student-run initiative, with a few industry professionals helping us along the way. We are concerned with spreading awareness about the current state of the environment, its trajectory, as well as the solutions that are being implemented, or developed to bring it back on track, including but not limited to alternative sources of energy, disaster-management of ecological catastrophes, research on weather patterns and other environmental trends, as well as other efforts to spread awareness about environmental degradation and protection to the general public at large.

We do not really have a specific audience in particular. In fact, we hope to spread the word on as much of the ongoing pursuits for environmental preservation to as many individuals as possible! By the same vein, we hope to hear from as many individuals as possible about their own initiatives! These could be research conducted by students, similar awareness projects, community-involvement programs, initiatives for a greener workplace, or just any ideas or opinions about the environment really!

And that brings me to the most important feature of FuelsForThought – we are completely volunteer-run. This means that students and professionals who are passionate about the environment and alternative energy join us as ambassadors, a role in which they simply continue spreading awareness about the environment and send us an article or two featuring their work or their topics of interest occasionally! It’s completely commitment free and anyone can join here!